Monday, August 6, 2007

More La Lohan Lowdown!

So I have received permission to share with you another blog reader's response in light of the Lindsay Lohan situation. Considering the update on her rehab status today (she's in a new rehab in Utah now) I felt it was a perfect time to share that reader's thoughts about her predicament.
If you have thoughts you'd like to share regarding this, or any other topic, please send them along as I would love to read them---and with your permission---post them for all to enjoy.

"I feel badthat Lindsay has an addiction to something and is getting moreattention for her lifestyle than she is for her movies. Unlike ParisHilton, she actually has talent and deserves to get attention for it.It's sad that she has an addiction to something and is going down thatstereotypical path of a child movie star. However, I'm betting that afew years down the road she'll turn her act around, just like DrewBarrymore did. I mean, Drew used to be a wild child in Hollywood andwas in rehab when she was 12 or 13, and now look at her. Maybe it'sjust me, but when I look at Drew Barrymore I don't really think of herwild ways back then. So I'm thinking Lindsay might follow the samepath. It might take a few years and then some, but I think that if shegets her act together, she should have some longevity in Hollywood.And you're right, it's also sad that other young stars in Hollywoodthat don't follow the same path that she is, aren't getting as muchattention, but for whatever reason, everyone seems to flock to a goodscandal. And this summer has been filled with great stories of those"bad" girls in Hollywood. Between Paris, Nicole, Lindsay, and Britney,it's just surreal at this point. I bet you didn't think that thatsomewhat cute girl from The Parent Trap would turn out like this in tenyears. But then again, that's Hollywood for you."

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