Thursday, August 16, 2007

Do we/Should we care about HSM 2?

I'm sorry to even have to be writing about this. I scoured the entertainment pages for anything better...but I kid you not...this was the hot story of the moment. I figured if it was worth Access Hollywood covering the Blue Carpet premiere than it should be worth Ebuzz's attention as well.
So what is the big deal about High School Musical 2? Granted the first created a cult phenominan and made stars out of Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale, and Corbin Bleu.....
No one has commented on the actual film itself yet. No critic has come out and said "this is worth all the hype", there haven't been any comments on the directing, the new music, the acting, etc. All of the attention has been focused on the brand---a part of the ever popular Disney machine that continues to mass-produce teen royalty.
Case in point: At the HSM 2 premiere Miley Cyrus and famed father Billy Ray showed up. The premiere wasn't for Hannah Monatana, yet the Disney channel star received as much applause and maybe even more than her HSM 2 counterparts. It is all about branding and name recognition. The Disney machine has been releasing tidbits of music videos featured in the movie for well over a month now. There have been more "behind the scenes" featurettes than I ever thought possible. And EVERYONE...and I mean EVERYONE is in on the action. The teen stars have been making the talk show circuit. Disney got double their money out of Efron who made the circuit in early July to promote "Hairspray". You have to believe his upcoming appearance in HSM 2 came up more than once.
Rolling Stone got in on the act when they made Efron their cover boy. Even I started to drool when I saw his sexy shot. This kid has it all, the pipes, the looks, and the marketability to keep going strong in the business.
I will not be joining the expected millions of tweens that will tune in tomorrow night to watch the HSM 2 premiere...but I fully expect to watch it sometime in the future...I may not like it...but I feel it a necessary evil in order to keep up with the entertainment times.
The musical trend isn't over yet. Reports claim Efron will play the role once held by Kevin Bacon in a remake of Footloose. There are also reports that there will be one final installation of HSM...and this one will premiere on the Big Screen (funny with all the media attention I thought THIS HSM was premiering on the big screen...)---which, by the way, will be yet another marketing ploy used to make even MORE money.
I was mistaken when the first HSM came out and I thought it was only for the tween population. Then I got to college and realized I had a ton of friends I knew who had seen it. Not all of them had the "fever" that the younger generations had, but they saw it and sang the music nonetheless. I don't doubt that upon my return to class this year I'll experience the same thing.

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