Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Is it bad that I got extremely excited when I read the AP wire today and saw that Lindsay was arrested...AGAIN!!! How awesome is it that the newly 21 year old STILL couldn't stay out of trouble and was arrested for driving under the influence AND posession of cocaine?! Her publicist must be loving this! (If you haven't noticed this blog is DRIPPING with sarcasm. Well...that last line could go both ways...I'll explain in a bit). So Linds has a new movie coming out. If you didn't know that already you'll surely know that soon seeing as how people are going to flock to theatres just to see a movie they don't care about just because the aforementioned starlet is in it.
Now lets get serious. In all honesty I think jail would be Lindsay's best bet. She needs more help than the Promises rehab center could give her. Heck she was WEARING an alcohol detecting bracelet when she got smashed. She has a sliver of talent and she could use that to establish a serious career if she weren't so busy snorting coke. What gets me is that this incident will probably not seriously hurt her career enough to make her change her ways. She will still land roles due soley to her popularity. Stars that deserve the media attention (Hayden Panettiere, Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, Brittany Snow...etc.) won't get it because they (hopefully) won't be going to jail anytime soon. Hopefully Hollywood will pull its head out of its butt and realize the future is in the hands of the good girls of Hollywood. There are a number of talented people that can/have successfully market themselves and do so in a positive light. Movie makers will soon see that it is a lot easier to market movies with those stars in them than films with the Lindsay's of the world. Parents don't want their kids idolizing girls like Lindsay. And as Disney has proven...those kids are the ones spending money on movies and their associated memorabilia. Look at the Miley Cyrus machine that I have previously mentioned. Or the Hilary Duff brand that is giving the Mary Kate and Ashley franchise a run for its money. Notice Lindsay hasn't scratched the surface in those areas. She hasn't continued a pursuit of a music career (meanwhile Hilary's on her fourth solo album, not to mention a handful of soundtrack appearances, and Miley has set a record for her Hannah Montana releases...by the way Hayden is coming out with a solo release in the VERY near future.) Lindsay is becoming almost impossible to market because she hasn't roped in a constant target audience. You can't go from Herbie Fully Loaded to A Prairie Home Companion and expect audiences to follow you. You have to build them and to do that you need to build trust. I doubt she'll be doing much of that from her newly undisclosed rehab center.
I want Linds to get better. Addiction is a deadly disease and I feel for anyone who suffers from it. I don't feel sorry for her. She brought this upon herself...but I do feel bad because what she is going through is magnified by her status in the press. She has to work extra hard to undo the damage she has caused.
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