Friday, July 20, 2007

Lindsay the next Paris?

Lindsay Lohan turned herself into jail the other day. The 21 year old starlet had been wanted for her participation in a hit and run. Lohan had a blood alcohol level well over the legal limit- .08- at the time according to police reports. So the question now lingers...what will happen to Lohan when she goes to court in late August? How wonderful would it be if she, like Paris, found herself behind bars.
I personally think justice would be served...and at the same time feel it would make a great couple of weeks of entertainment. Things in young Hollywood have been getting boring. Articles in magazines have been focused on the innocent Miley Cyrus, and the sophisticated Emma Watson. The best one magazine could drag up was a weight loss story about Hilary Duff. At least now the "bad girls" of Hollywood are prepared to take over the spotlight and provide the entertainment world with a slew of new and more interesting headlines.
And now I'm torn. I hate to admit it, but I kind of liked reading about Hollywood's good girls. I didn't mind the fluff. I was happy to read about some positive role models for a change. It isn't like it matters. I don't have younger siblings to worry about...but I do worry about the future of our country...the youth that will need finacial assistance someday when they all end up in rehab. I need to stew over this more before I elaborate further. Please give me your take on this though. Are the good girls of Hollywood boring? Or are they just what the doctor ordered?

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