Friday, July 6, 2007

Another reason to feel old.

So someone at the TV station I'm working at this summer just asked for my help in creating questions for an interview she is doing tonight with Corbin Bleu and Drake Bell. She has no idea who these guys are or what they do. I barely have an idea. Hell I had to Wiki them to fill in the blanks in my questions. And I got to thinking...they are my age!!! Drake is 21 and Corbin is 19. Drake is the Grand Marshall in a parade tomorrow. Tweens all over the west side of the state are flipping out. If I were 13 I'd be flipping out too. But I'm not...and so when I was asked if I wanted to come back in to work to do the interview I said that I would kindly pass. I mean...wouldn't you? If it were Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, those tween/teen stars I'd jump at the chance...but I don't do Disney (Hilary and Lindsay...mostly Hilary...has moved on from those days-see "Herbie Fully Loaded" for reasons Lindsay still rides the pine). I'll regret this. These guys are going to grow into SUPERSTARS-become the next Brad Pitts- and I will have passed up the opportunity to meet them.

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