Thursday, July 12, 2007

Horray for Harry

So I got out and saw the new Harry Potter movie. I loved it! So it lacked many of the details included in JK's book...but you had to know that was going to happen going in to theatres seeing as how the book was like 900 pages long. People (and the director) have made way too big a deal about Harry's first kiss. That plot line didn't really get explored and thus much of what happened involving Harry's love interest lost steam throughout the film.
I give Emma Watson, Daniel Ratcliffe, and Rupert Grint credit...they have grown up with their characters very well. They understand their roles in the series and have matured nicely with each new film. While Hermione and Ron's characters are not nearly as important in this film as in films past...they are still an intrigal part of JK's design and have thus been treated as such by writers and directors. Both did a wonderful job making sure the friends stayed true to Harry.
So all in all I was/am impressed with the raised my spirits for this short while that remains before the final book in the series is released. I have a feeling I will cry along with JK...who admitted to finishing off a bottle of wine and sobbing at the end of her new book. All good things must come to an end though...and I suspect JK...unlike The Sopranos creator...will leave audiences feeling satisfied.

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