Friday, July 6, 2007


Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are hoping that this summer's most sought after wedding day will bring them luck in the future. The two are set to marry in Paris tomorrow. I can't wait until the pictures pop up.
I am more than ready for Harry Potter to finally hit theatres...and shelves. I am sick of the pre-Potter mania that is consuming the entertainment world. Granted there is no other entertainment news to speak of....but still...can't people just make something up. Or, better yet, can't Lindsay go on another drinking binge. I really enjoyed that episode. Although now that she's legal it won't be nearly as fun to watch. Hilary Duff still has a year to go though...I wouldn't mind seeing pictures of her wasted. Hell she deserves it for all the shit she still gets about her Lizzie McGuire Days. Then again, if she went sour Billy Ray would have hyped her up to Miley for nothing (for those that don't know...Miley claims Hil is one of her idols and looks up to her for her good behavior, etc.). OOOOOOOOOOOH. I got it! This one would be better than all of the aforementioned combined. DAKOTA FANNING! See, just the mention of the tween's name sends goosebumps up your spine. How awesome would this headline be: "Dakota on Drugs" or "Fanning hits the Fan". So the last one was a bust...but I could do better with more time and a thesauras.

Ok so what is with this Britney Spears and Lynn Spears drama. Rumor has it that Brit delievered a nasty poem to her mom on the set of little sis Jamie's hit Nickelodeon show Zoey 101. Is that necessary? I know we all have crazy parents. I blame my mom for a lot of shit too...but in the end you control your own actions and behaviors. Brit is old enough to know better. And why get the little sis involved? I read somewhere Brit wants custody of her younger sibling! Can you say rolemodel and Brit in the same sentence anymore? I don't think so. If I were Jamie Lynn I would jump at the chance to live with my sis though. Party ON. I wouldn't mind seeing this saga play out for a while. B ritney is always good for a laugh and every once in a while a decent entertainment news story (can you top the shaved head though? I think not).

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