Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Were They Thinking Wednesday: Lindsay Lohan

Sticking with my alliteration themed days I've decided to give "What Were They Thinking Wednesday" a go.
I hate to start with the obvious, but a recent ABC Family original film has inspired me to bring this one up once again: Lindsay Lohan.
Dear Lindsay,
You had EVERYTHING going for you. You had the backing of the Disney franchise thanks to your adorable role in The Parent Trap and then your remake of the classic Freaky Friday. Even your part in Herbie Fully Loaded was given the golden treatment by the network. Despite the fact that you really can't sing... a studio actually gave you the tools necessary to sell thousands of albums and attempt to de-throne then reigning teen queen Hilary Duff. Forget the love triangle with you, Duff, and Aaron Carter... you had moved on to bigger and better things and could have gotten just about any guy in Hollywood. That is, before you took a giant plunge off the deep end.
Instead of riding the success of Mean Girls and using the star vehicle as an opportunity for real success... you managed to f-up a number of truly incredible opportunities. You had the chance to work with Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman in Georgia Rule. Garry Marshal directs hits... yet he called you out for basically destroying what could have been a great film.
You blew it again in Bobby. The ensemble cast in Emilio Estevez's film was as superb as any every collected. You had the chance to get in on the project and once again showed why you were headed up sh*t creek without a paddle. When you get to work with the best you should try and LEARN from the best. Pay attention to their work habits, how they behave both on, and off screen, and how they manage their careers. You were so busy getting drunk and snorting coke you forgot that Hollywood waits around for no one.
As a result Linds, you are now making straight to TV movies. Your crazy girlfriend has dumped you, no guy in Hollywood would touch you with a ten foot pole, and every movie director cringes at the thought of having you on board (can you say liability much?).
While Hilary Duff may not have a blockbuster under her belt... she won the teen queen battle against you just by keeping her shit together. Sad, but true.


roalin said...

sad. don't think she will ever recover/go back to pre drug Lindsay. the best thing if she just moves to midwest and get her life ok.
Hil > Lilo. loved her on gossip girl.

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It is a pity that she isn't the beauty that she was. I don't know why but it would be better that she left behind her career and focus in other things to avoid the wrong path that she took.