Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hugh Jackman and Miley Cyrus Together on the Big Screen?

I had to check multiple sources on this one because seeing wasn't exactly believing. It appears, however, that Hugh Jackman REALLY IS teaming up with Miley Cyrus for a tween version of The Bodyguard.

Variety magazine is reporting that Jackman and Cyrus are to going to work together in a movie musical called Personal Security.

The muscle-bound Jackman is to play a tough New York police detective forced into bodyguard duty for a spoiled teen heiress (Cyrus) who is receiving kidnapping threats.

Wow big shocker: Miley Cyrus will be signing in a movie. Gee I wonder if she'll have original songs featured on the soundtrack?!

I'm not sure why Hugh needs to do tween films (when you've got the amount of serious hardware he already has and you've held leads in blockbuster films you don't usually have to revert to Disney level productions). Maybe he's channeling his inner Dwayne Johnson. It seems as though every once in a while A-list celebs like to lend themselves to films for younger audiences. It makes them feel relevant to all ages, not just the over thirty crowd.
Jackman should make this movie a sure hit. The "Sexiest Man Alive" will undoubtedly bring some female viewers who wouldn't otherwise have shelled out for a ticket.
I've made a list of other well known stars who took their acting down a peg in order to enlighten the teen audience.

Mark Harmon - Chasing Liberty
Michael Keaton - First Daughter/ Herbie Fully Loaded
Dennis Quaid - Yours, Mine and Ours
Jeff Bridges - Stick It
Vanessa Williams - Hannah Montana: The Movie


Lauren!...x NZ rox!...x said...

ILY Miley!! You're so funny and you're justa girl and everyone expects you to be perfect, but to be human you have to make mistakes. The whole poledancing thing was a bit OTT, tho. But, still. Love you!
Be Great, Miley!

Love Lolah

Lauren said...

i really wanna see that movie. hugh jackman is weird, but miley balances that weird perfect


Anonymous said...

hugh, hugh, hugh...
why must you stoop to Miley Cyrus' level?
Seriously. An actor who can pull of a performance like he did in The Prestige or The Fountain should not be signing onto movies with cringe-inducing teen cele-brat-ies.
I am dissapointed, but as a loyal fan, won't abandon the sinking ship. Jackman till the end!

Smithwsoy said...

i really wanna see that movie. hugh jackman is weird, but miley balances that weird perfect GO MILEY!!!