Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No More Need For the Promise Ring... Kevin Jonas is Getting Hitched!

I was just going to say "a Jonas is getting married" in the headline but I didn't want to cause any heart attacks. Luckily Kevin Jonas, 22, is the JoBro getting hitched (no offense to Kevin but it's obviously Nick and Joe who rule the roles of heart throbs in the group).
Kevin reportedly popped the question to 21 year old girlfriend Danielle Deleasa. I'm sure you heard of Deleasa (cough, cough) as she is a former hairdresser. Luckily her man is raking in the dough right now so job security probably won't be much of an issue.
So how'd Kevin do it?
Apparently he showed up with cushion-cut diamond ring he co-designed with Jacob & Co. at her New Jersey home this morning. How original (NOT).
Kevin had mentioned that his Tiffany's promise ring (the pop star told reporters he was saving his virginity until marriage and wore the ring as proof) was getting banged up on his guitar... I'm guessing he was sick of his ring being the only thing getting banged.
It scares me that Kevin, who is my age, is ready to tie the knot. It makes me feel like I'm moving at an exceptionally slow relationship rate.


go god!!!912 said...

go kevin!! good luck!! and best wishes for you both!!!

Stephanie said...

Conglations kevin and Danielle!!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you happy married life....

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Woods said...

Conglations kevin and Danielle!!