Saturday, January 24, 2009

Deja Vu? Is Hannah Montana just a backwards Lizzie McGuire?

I know I'm old. And by old, I mean I was around for the Disney craze that was "Lizzie McGuire". It's been over six years, which in Disney speak is a lifetime. The fact that I'm now also in the middle of the "Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus" generation provides me with a unique viewpoint. Anyone who has ever watched the Disney Channel knows that every show is just a recycled version of its predecessors. The cast changes (sometimes), the theme gets a facelift (if you're lucky), but there are only so many life lessons a show can provide-and thus you have the recycling effect.
The great thing is that every half decade or so, you take what was your most popular franchise, give it a face lift, and re-brand it into what hopefully becomes a new craze. That is exactly what happed with "Lizzie McGuire" and "Hannah Montana". The themes contained in the shows are identical (money problems, boyfriends, identity crises, bullies, etc.). The only difference is that with "Lizzie McGuire" the network pushed the show first, and the music later. With "Hannah Montana" they've pushed both at the same time.
Let's look at the movies for both successful series:
*"The Lizzie McGuire Movie". Hilary Duff and company go to Rome where she is mistaken for a famous pop star and has to make the decision whether her home or her newfound fame is more important. This movie served as a vehicle for Duff's music career as her debut album "Metamorphosis" came out the same summer, and she had numerous songs on the soundtrack.
*"The Hannah Montana Movie". Miley/Hannah get in a shoe fight with Tyra Banks causing Billy Ray to take her back to Nashville for a little down home discipline. Miley must then decide if the double life is really for her. The soundtrack to the film will feature 12 new songs and will likely sell another gagillion records.
The question is what the Hannah Montana movie will mean for the TV series..."The Lizzie McGuire Movie" marked the end of Hilary Duff's Disney run. Will the big screen version of "Best of Both Worlds" do the same for Miley Cyrus?


Kristen Wehling said...

I hope this marks the end of Miley Cyrus and her alter-ego Hannah Montana. Her voice annoys me and she thinks she's the stuff when she clearly is not.

Tasha Barnes said...

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Casey Lee Anderson said...

Yes technically you're right it's like their similar but different, for example Lizzie was shy while Hannah was confident, but I think this was alternative to continue Lizzie in some aspect, Miley/Hannah were in high school while Lizzie was in middle(junior-high) school, the Disney wanted to continue with Lizzie McGuire episodes in high school but there was a disagreement between Disney and Duff's representatives, mostly money wise probably but if they knew we would be in a recession in the late 00s as wells into the mid2015 they probably would have made the best of what they got and 2. The difference p is Hilary Duff didn't turn out like Miley thank God, Hilary Duff is still a good role model especially she was a good role model to teens in Lizzie McGuire show but nows she's a good role model for parents since she became a mom in 2012 and fix in' to become an aunt in Oct 2015 because her sister haylie is expecting her first child.

jhon paola said...

It's been over six years, which in Disney speak is a lifetime. The fact that I'm now also in the middle of the "Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus" generation provides me with a unique viewpoint.

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