Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hilary Duff returns to TV!

Former teen queen and Disney channel star Hilary Duff is working on making a comeback. This time around the Duffster has shed the ears in favor of a more colorful look. She'll be joining the Peacock, NBC, for "Barely Legal". The show is about an 18 year old who passes the California bar becoming the state's youngest attorney. Duff signed a development deal with the network last year. "Barely Legal" will be the 21 year old's first ever primetime series.

Any one else reminded of "Doogie Houser"? The real question will be if Duff can pull off an intelligent character. Her former roles haven't been intellectually stimulating to say the least ("Material Girls"?). Hopefully Hilary's return to TV will go over better than her last couple of albums.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry but Lizzie McGuire's little brother and his friend were the funniest part of that show. Why doesn't she just ride off into the sunset and save all of us this disappointment. I'm sure there are a lot of jobs for disney dropouts. Starbucks must be hiring.
-half italian stallion