Saturday, September 20, 2008

Too Skinny?

Rumors have been running rampant across the web after an US WEEKLY article called "90210" stars Shenae Grimes and Jessica Stroup anorexic.  Those pesky "inside sources" supposedly revealed that since finding fame the two leading females have lost their appetites. 
  Rumors also have been flying that Grimes is a mega-bitch, and has unleashed more than one verbal tirade on her co-workers.
  While I admit that both Grimes and Stroup are incredibly skinny, I desperately hope that neither is suffering an eating disorder.  And, if all is true-like co-star Lori Laughlin- claims, than shame on the CW for casting individuals who are SO unrealistic looking in their body size that they invite speculation.  If nothing else cast a "normal" looking female to at least bring the average dress size to a 6 rather than a 0.


Cami said...

I think they are too skinny.Think of the kids in Africa who cannot afford to eat and have to starve.Just looking at Shenae makes my gag.

Anonymous said...

I find this matter disturbing because of the attention that the media gives it. YES, these girls are very thin and for moral reasons this may be disgusting to certain people, but take into consideration they're lifestyles. I mean, they work endless hours to make their show what it is, and when you are busy and motivated, things like eating may slip your mind or seem less important. I'm not saying that I don't think they could potentially have eating disorders, but the emphasis that is put on their physical state is what I find nauseating. Yes, there are children in Africa who cannot afford to eat, but do you really think that someone who has an eating disorder or mental issues with food is able to take that into consideration? Well, they aren't and they shouldn't be blamed because they can't.

Wish I Were Smaller said...

Personally, I think both of them are gorgeous the way they are. Too skinny? Nah. But I suppose i only say that because I'm jealous of the two of them and wish I could be as thin! No-- I'm not some anorexic-wannabe, so I hope this post doesn't start some tirade on how "bad" it is, or how "wrong", etc., blah blah blah. I've been anorexic for the last 19 years (since I was 10), so I think I've got a pretty good idea about the negative side of things. [grin] :)

Wish I Were Smaller

Anonymous said...

Response to "I wish I was Smaller"
Congratulations on having anorexica for 19 years?
I also once had anorexia and was hospitalized for over a year. I still struggle daily, and its people like you who are saying that these women are not too thin that make eating disorders an acceptable habit and disease. I think that is disgusting, and since you are familiar with the disease I would hope that you are not supporting young women who starve themselves.
And to the anonymous person; think of there schedule? forgetting to eat? No, its the pressure they are put under and all of the adderall they are consuming that makes them not eat. I am sure they know exactly what they are doing, and I find it unreasonable as "constantly" forgetting to eat. That my friend is an EATING DISORDER. And no, these women are not naturally thin. I have seen pictures when they were younger, in there teens, and they were both 15-20 lbs heavier.
Its a shame that this show ONLY features extremely thin women, and its also disgusting that none of the female actors are actually in high school. they are all around the age of 26 or older.

Anonymous said...

Enough already with the fuss about them being too skinny! I dont think they are anorexic.They are just thin! And the fact that they are very young, makes them fit the frame. I know because I've been thin all my life, no matter how i try to bulk up. Some people are just born thin, in the same way that some people are born with heavier body structures. We are all created differently... and we are all beautiful. Lets not put on them our own insecurities about our own bodies, they have nothing to do with everybody's body issues.

Gav said...

Yes, they ARE definitely too thin. The first I've seen of Jessica Stroup is from Reaper and she looked 10x better than she does now. Just looking at that picture above makes me cringe. They both look very underweight by that picture. You can see the bones in Shenae's back, not to mention the complete lack of muscle tone on both girls' legs and arms.

Nobody's debating that some people can be naturally skinny but it's obvious that both of them have lost a large amount of weight in a short period of time. Now, my last sentence can be construed as overly harsh but when you think about it.. these girls were probably just knocking on the door of being underweight about 6 months ago and now they've lost weight quickly which has tipped them right over into unhealthily underweight.

It's very easy spotting someone with an eating disorder if they get very overweight but it's not that easy to spot a petite woman who's starving themselves. Mainly because the body starts basically eating itself due to being starved of nourishment. This is indicated by the diminishing of the muscle.

They don't look healthy and their weight/height indicates that. Toppled with the fact that they're in Hollywood and you've got yourself a serious problem.. whether it be for themselves or the millions of fans trying to copy them.

Anonymous said...

haha the main character is 19 not 26 i happen to know because i went to high school with her.
and she has ALWAYS been a thin girl regardless if it has fluctuated.
since grade 8 she has been thin

Anonymous said...

26 years old? no. most are around the 21 mark. They don't look anything near 16 though. They could've at least been 17 going on 18. I mean come on. Channel Miley Cyrus. That is the realistic 16.

The reason why these girls want to be skinny is because nobody compliments a girl with curves anymore, there is a burning desire to be tiny and that will only die down over time.

I personally loathe the fat movement though. Being overwieght is extremely health hazardess and honestly, go out and exercise have some respect for yourself. [Do not start a tantrum about people with health problems or how being overwight is not people's fault. They are rare cases most overwight people are actually lazy.]

Coffey said...

haha the main character is 19 not 26 i happen to know because i went to high school with her. and she has ALWAYS been a thin girl regardless if it has fluctuated. since grade 8 she has been thin

Anonymous said...

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