Thursday, February 14, 2008

Buckle Up Dang It!

It's fun to go after Disney Teen Queen Miley Cyrus. Why not? She's been an almost flawless role model and is raking in the dough with her music, TV show, and movies...but we all have our flaws, and Consumer Report found hers.
Apparently in a scene in Miley's new movie, "Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds" the teen queen and her father are filmed driving...only neither are wearing their seatbelt! News organizations have jumped all over this as an opportunity to point out how important seat belt use is. ABC News did a story that included in car cameras showing teenage drivers flying about their vehicles because they weren't buckled up.
Billy Ray released a statement claiming it was a careless oversight and that seatbelt use is VERY Important.
Yeah, now the world makes sense again! What's next Miley, are you going to get caught drinking too? Tiss Tiss... (p.s. I hope you could read my incredible sarcasm throughout this piece. YES I think seatbelt use is important. But give the poor girl a break!)

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Anonymous said...

Thats crazy, but I hope she stays good cuz we have too many rehab celebs. Buckle Up and only you can prevent Forest Fires.
-the half italian stallion