Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm Giddy for "Glee"

I've written about this topic before... but I feel that it deserves some added attention. If you haven't at least given "Glee" a chance... shame on you.
I'm not saying everyone will like it. It's quirky, and different, and certainly breaks the prime-time television mold. But to me, those are all the more reasons to watch.
What's even more amazing is the way that "Glee" has managed to take a page out of the Disney playbook and turn this into a multi-media franchise.
Much like the way Disney shamelessly cross-promotes "Hannah Montana" to include concert tours and album sales, "Glee" cross-promotes it's killer soundtrack and soon-to-be stars. iTunes doesn't lie. Every week the songs featured in the previous episode of "Glee" are among the site's top sellers. And for good reason... they are catchy, fun, and sometimes even better than the originals.
To share my point I've put below my top five "Glee" performances. Watch and I bet even you will take a peek at the show's iTunes page before too long :)

It's My Life/Confessions

Halo/Walking on Sunshine


Taking Chances

Take a Bow

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