Thursday, August 27, 2009

Will Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie be Magical?

So it must be a pretty slow news day in Hollywood if I'm writing about a Disney Channel Original movie. I double checked the AP wire and all there was was Miley's stalker updates and Kate Gosselin hosting The View. Sorry but both of those topics make me nautious... so it's movie review time!
While I highly doubt I'll end up watching Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie... I don't think I'd discourage Disney fans from giving it a go. I have read multiple reviews and a USA Today preview and it sounds as though the movie will strike gold with its intended viewing audience. Thanks to Twitter, I was passed along the link to this clip featuring series star Selena Gomez. I'll be honest, out of all the Disney tween queens it appears she has the brightest acting future. I have a feeling if this film is at all a success, it'll be because of her incredible charm.
The movie is an extension of the popular TV series... which if you aren't aware already follows a family of wizards (yeah so the title pretty much says it all). The show is cute, quirky, and wholesome (Disney is a nutshell). While aimed at the younger crowd, I've seen it deliver a laugh or two to some twenty-somethings as well (you'd be surprised how many college kids watch the Disney Channel).
Like most Disney Channel originals, WOWP won't deliver amazing special effects, stellar acting, or a superb plot-driven feature. There is a reason the film didn't make it to the big screen... but remember neither did the first two High School Musicals. Don't knock a film just because it debuts on TV, but don't expect it to win any awards either.
So if you are bored this weekend WOWP may just be the two hour block of entertainment you were looking for... just don't blame me if it sucks... I warned you.


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