Monday, August 17, 2009

BTS with Hilary Duff on the Gossip Girl Set

If you haven't voted in the latest EBUZZ poll already (shame on you if you haven't ;), here is some behind the scenes material that could help you make up your mind. Hilary Duff sat down with Access Hollywood to talk about her new role on the CW hit Gossip Girl. Here's what I've deciphered from the short interview:

* Hilary's character isn't too much of a stretch. She playes an uber famous actress who just wants to escape. I'm just Hilary has never felt as though SHE just wanted to fit in...

* It sounds like the character has potential... if the writers give her enough material to work with, and Hilary doesn't screw it up. I'm nervous about the cliche factor. This role has been played before. To be GG worthy it needs to be fresh and the storyline MUST contain a surprise now and then to keep fans interested.

* Duff's going to fit right in on the CW. It seems like the natural progression. Move from the tween market to the teen market BEFORE you make the jump to adult oriented works. Maybe this will be the launching pad she'll need for her NBC sitcom career to take off. As an actor you can't forget who your fan base is. The same people that grew up watching Lizze McGuire are now watching Gossip Girl.

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