Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stephen Baldwin's Hannah Obsession

So I thought it was great last year when University of Michigan wrestler Steve Luke admitted his love affair with Disney's hit show. When macho men admit they have a soft spot for chick flicks and Disney movies, I suddenly have a soft spot for them.
I'll admit, however, that I don't feel the same way for Stephen Baldwin after discovering his permanent display of "Hannah Montana" pride. The buff Baldwin brother revealed a Hannah Montana tattoo (shown here). A poster on your wall, maybe. A DVD box set, sure. But a permanent display of affection for a show almost certain to leave the air in just a few seasons-you've got to be kidding me!
Apparently during a trip to the Whitehouse, Stephen tried to talk his way into a part of his daughter's favorite show. Miley told Stephen that he could have a role in her show if he showed his true dedication to the cause by getting a tattoo. At a book signing in Nashville, Baldwin unveiled his latest work of art. Miley has said she'll keep up her end of the bargain and has secured a guest spot for Stephen on the show.


Anonymous said...

That is crazy! Well I have to admit that I just got a tattoo as well...of Kate Urka. She is just soooo much better than Hannah Montana.

-half italian stallion

Molly Storey said...

this only proves how dumb stephen baldwin is. idiot.

Anonymous said...

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