Thursday, September 24, 2009

"The Last Song" Gets Pushed Back

Sorry Miley Cyrus fans... you're going to have to wait another four months to check out her new film "The Last Song". According to the AP wire today the release date got moved from its planned January slot to April 2nd. This move will play into the spring break crowds and hopefully catch what is a coveted week in releases for that age demo.
In the meantime you need to check out the leaked music video for the single from the film, "When I Look at You." The song is on Miley's new EP sold exclusively through WalMart. It will be featured on the film's sountrack and is already occupying a spot on my current iTunes playlist.
You can check it out below (note: Miley's sporting a nose stud during this video... real, or fake?).
Also you have until Friday to download Miley's new video for "Party in the USA" from ABC's website (

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