Friday, December 12, 2008

Didn't Khloe learn ANYTHING from her big sister?

I've watched MAYBE a total of five episodes of Keeping with the Kardashians, but in that short time it was made VERY evident that Kim should be the only one barring her bottom (and that's only because it's too late to un-do her sex-tape). So why Khloe thought it would be a good idea to bare all for a PETA spread is still beyond me.
Is Khloe really that starved for attention? Has big sis Kim been getting too much of the spotlight lately? Or, as she's told reporters, is the cause just that close to her heart? Either way I'm thinking PETA could have come up with a more enticing spread. The ad actually makes me WANT people to wear fur, just so they DON'T go naked.

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rwh2121 said...

You are ridiculous! Khloe looks awesome and I hate it when people just talk trash for no reason other than pure jealousy! What exactly about this picture looks bad?! Get over yourself!