Sunday, October 5, 2008

What's Hot In Hollywood Weekly Recap

Actress Katie Holmes has been making a splash lately with her singing and dancing abilities. Currently, she is on Broadway in the play All My Sons, but she will make her return to the small screen October 21 on ABC’s Eli Stone. She’ll play a non-profit attorney on the show, and when asked about her behavior on set, cast member Natasha Henstridge said, “She was super gracious and lovely and statuesque and gorgeous.”

Riding the success of his animated film “Kung Fu Panda” Jack Black is teaming up again with writers Johnathan Aibel and Glenn Berger to create another action comedy. Black will play an American who washes up on the shores of Cuba without a clue about his identity or why he is there.

Jesse McCartney is going greek. No you won’t see him hanging around Chi Phi, instead he’ll have a recurring role on the hit ABC Family show. When the fourth season of the series returns to TV, McCartney will play Andy a student who will have to choose between rushing the KT house or the OX house.

Following in the wake of the enormous success that this summer’s The Dark Knight has brought, rumors have been swirling that Batman 3 may begin shooting as early as next year. According to behind-the-scene sources from The Dark Knight set in Chicago, pre-production is expected to begin in February of ’09 to ready the way for shooting this summer. However director Christopher Nolan and co-screenwriter Jonah Nolan have yet to sign any deal for a third film.


BillyH said...

I have not seen BATMAN YET!!!!! and I WANT TO!!!!

BillyH said...

I was just wondering also, when will the crazy celebrity status and rehab go out of style? Is it just a fashion statement or is it a lifestyle choice? Wait a few years, Miley Cyrus will be there...