Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Celebrity Endorsements

With the election only weeks away, a new round of celebrity endorsements have hit the airwaves. This time "Gossip Girl" stars Penn Badgley and Blake Lively have teamed up in a comedic pro-Obama ad.
  While I was a big fan of the celebrity advertisement featuring Leo and company that just encouraged voting, I am NOT a fan of celebrity candidate endorsement ads. People should be voting based on the issues and the candidates, not based on which celebrity thinks their great. 
   Howard Stern just went out in Harlem and asked people who they wanted to vote for. He lied and told people that McCain's platform was really Obama's. The result showed that Americans don't know the issues and instead are just voting for a name. And you wonder why our forefathers invented the Electoral college. 
  So while the following video may be's not INFORMATIVE. It doesn't give you the issues, and it SHOULDN'T persuade you to vote a certain way.

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