Sunday, December 16, 2007

Now THIS is entertainment...

In the midst of the writer's strike, and the fact that it's past one in the morning, I was contemplating watching reruns to put me to sleep, when the sounds of child-like screaming aroused me from my almost slumber. Thanks to a deep-rooted tradition fire alarms at the nearby dorms forced students out into the chilly night for the annual snow ball fight. I, from the comfort of my heated apartment, sat watching and listening to the truly entertaining display. Who needs television when you have freshman and athletes hauling snow at each other? Take that WGA. Take that.

A note, since I've started writing, the DPS is now involved. Kids are wrestling in the parking lot. There is still much yelling, large amounts of snow are being tossed across the street, and I'm pretty sure some girl just face-planted while trying to dodge a potential blow. If only I were out there documenting this effort I'd have something a visual to accompany my stunning editorial skills. As it is cold, I'm too lazy to go get a camera, and being plastered with a snow ball doesn't seem like a great way to end my day, this will just have to suffice.

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