Sunday, April 22, 2007

yikes, it's been a while

SO I'm officially a bad Entertainment Blogger. The reasons behind my neglect are numerous...I will indulge you with one that is, in fact, entertainment related. I have been consuming as many episodes of One Tree Hill as possible. Sad, but true. I had never seen the WB now CW show before but many a friend sad that I should check it out. Finally, a couple of weeks ago I was on my new favorite website,, home of tons of movies, tv shows, and music videos (all streaming) when I came upon episodes of the show. I decided to watch the pilot. Everything deserves a chance right? Um, yeah. The rest is history. I watched the first 44 episodes in the next four days. Since that time I have stopped watching, only because I want to rent the DVD box set so that I can view the greatness in a higher quality. SO, the point of this story, actually there are two: 1) my blog laziness is a result of an entertainment driven pursuit, and 2) if you haven't seen the show already I HIGHLY recommend checking it out.
So, now you might ask, what is the deal with the Spiderman picture? It, believe it or not, is NOT due to my extreme excitement over the upcoming release of Spiderman 3 this summer. Instead it is the result of a Yahoo! news article I read this morning. Apparently Marvel has decided that Spiderman would make a great MUSICAL! That's right, just think, spiderman swinging over a stage on a wire singing to his red-headed love below. I think the song would go something like this: "oh Mary Jane, you are so vain, but before I get slain by a villian, I think you should know that beneath this web of lies, are two adoring eyes, so come with me, and you shall see, that my spidy sense also detects romance..."
Ok so maybe not. But I think I have something going here. Honestly though, a musical? It makes me sick to think about it. At least they aren't trying this stunt with Batman. Can you image the caped crusader singing and dancing? I suppose I can believe a guy like Peter Parker would sing show tunes, but Bruce f-ing way.
So I promise that I will attempt to be more diligent in my blog writing. I am procrastinating studying for exams right now just to deliver this tidbit of Hollywood news to you. Please if you have something as interesting, or if you have written your own Spiderman lyrics and you'd like to share, PLEASE email them to me. Send me a note at and you can be reading your stuff right here!

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