Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Summer excited, other's not so much

Sorry about the cheesy title. I had to do it. I'm talking about this summer's slew of big box office hits that will keep me heading to theatres and spending money I don't have. It starts in little over a week. That's right the web-slinging, heart-stopping, edge of your seat action is back with Spiderman 3. Don't you dare take a breath though, because soon after Pirates of the Caribbean will be sailing into theatres. If the seas are too rough for you than you can always test your luck at Ocean's 13. Trust me these waters will be nice and smooth thanks to leading men like George Clooney and Brad Pitt at the healm. For the girls school may be out for summer but there is always some learning left to do...thus our favorite gossip topic takes to the big screen in Georgia Rule. If you aren't a Lindsay Lohan fan than maybe Felicity Huffman and/or Jane Fonda's presence in the film will be enough to get you to see it. I want to go only because the plot almost too ironically mirrors Lohan's actual life. I'm getting sidetracked, sorry. Back to the big stuff. You have to be deaf and blind to not know about the Harry Potter mania that will be consuming the month of July this summer. In fact, I don't think either of those things would serve as an excuse either. Warner Brothers plans on making a killer with the fifth enstallment of its billion dollar francise. Daniel Ratcliffe and Emma Watson are older, wiser, and well-let's me honest- far better looking than when these films first got off the ground (come on you saw the pictures of Daniel naked doing that play in London, admit it. And guys, we all know you dig Hermione now that puberty has set in). A week after viewing the film you can rush out to stand in line along with millions of other anxious fans to grab the coveted final book. I feel like crying already and I don't know how it ends yet! While all of this is taking place theatres will also be working to lure you to one of the OTHER big budget productions, i.e. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.
Dang I could talk about these forever. But I am being summoned. SO we'll continue this conversation in the very near future.

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