Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Glee's Mark Salling a.k.a "Puck"

 I have not been shy about proclaiming my love for Fox's hit new drama Glee. I think it is one of the best new shows on television... hands down. It crosses genres, takes risks, and tackles the new multi-media cross-platform culture like no other series in history. It's a High School Musical for grown-ups. It makes music, specifically choir and showchoir, cool again... and as someone who was in both all through high school that makes me like it even more.

 It is because of my unyielding devotion to Glee that I bring you today a closer look at one of the series' stars: Mark Salling.
 Salling plays "Noah Puckerman" better known as "Puck", the rebel-without-a-cause football playing man whore who also happens to join the showchoir. His role has grown substantially throughout the first half of the season and he now plays a crucial role in a key elemant of the season's plot-arc. It was his recent rendition of "Sweet Caroline", however, that melted my heartstrings.
 Watch and fall in love:

Mark is the perfect cinderella-Hollywood story. I'd bore you with the details, but his official website can do that for me. I urge you to check it out and also fall in love with the extremely talented and ruggedly-good looking Mark Salling.

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